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Anyone of to wales next week?

31-07-08, 12:21
Im off tomorrow for a week in pembrokshire and just wondered if anybody else is? :ILU:

01-08-08, 00:37
He He!! good on you mate, went to wales on many a visit/exploration, found it very interesting and mysteriouse indeed, that much we moved here 6 or more years ago to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, never looked back and never will, we only live spitting distance from the A55 and can see everyone sailing past to some experiance, you never know we may give you a flash on your way past, i shot past a red T4 near Holywell west bound earlier today carrying a rather long kayake on top and i showed my hazards for a while as i passed him to show respect, and he didnt even flash me or nod, no nothing, shame, oh well ill keep my eye out for you passing if your in our local ever,
enjoy the hols..T:

01-08-08, 18:43
I live in pembs... let me know if you want any tips on what to see/do and i'll try and help