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just a cheap mod

01-08-08, 08:05
went to netto shopping with the wife while looking round i noticed camping mats , the ones you lay on , silver foil on one side and material on the other priced at 1.99 now the funny thing is they fit the windscreen almost spot on, so foil keeps out the sun and inside the van looks quite smart great for black out at night

01-08-08, 08:25
Thanks T:T:
Will take a drive over to Retford Saturday (only a few miles away:D )
Did they have many left???
I pick my van up Tuesday, so i'm getting excited already...:ILU:
.....and the collecting of parts begins :eek:

01-08-08, 10:19
do you want me to get you a couple then you can pick up from my place ?

01-08-08, 11:28
Thats very kind of you A:, but I havent been to Retford for a while and fancy a trip out to see whats changed (havent been for a couple of years:eek:), plus theres a few places I need to visit on the way...
Cheers anyway T:T::ILU:

Also can call in at Aldi's, and see if they have any of those sun shelters left...prob not but worth a look anyway

01-08-08, 17:15
netto an't were it used to be its now at the back of the market square you will find it ok and the mats are down near the bottles of wine hope this helps
cheers jarvo