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Slow Electric windows

01-08-08, 12:55
My windows are dead slow going up and down, Is there any way of speeding them up?

01-08-08, 13:01
try some silicon spray in the rubbers around the door that the glass slides i

01-08-08, 14:49
Hadnt thought of that!!!, usually I go straight in like a bull in a china shop.

12-08-08, 08:58
Tried the silicon spray, hasnt worked , anyone any ideas?

12-08-08, 12:38
i find silicon dries quickly i myself use washing up liquid seemed to work well for one of my trucks.

12-08-08, 13:26
its a ball ache to take it apart but you could try taking the door apart enough to take the seal on the window out to give it a clean.??