1996 P reg 1200 Tranporter @ HBC in Canvey Island, Essex

24-03-12, 08:04
My Transporter has been taken by HBC scrappy/salvage in Canvey Island Essex.


It had an engine fire which also got into the cab. :eek::(:( A lot of stuff on the bus was in mint condition due to a full restoration 3 months before the van fire. T:

Mint sliding door with sliding window 95% tinted which can be removed as the tint was added after
Off side sliding side window also tinted
AMG Mercedes (copy I think) alloy wheels in mint condition - refinished in Anthracite
PPTuning twin exit stainless exhaust - only on the van for 2 months
Both rear door mint condition with tinted windows. Again the tinting could be removed
Rear roof spoiler
I was told that the lowering springs were top notch but it was done by previous owner and I don't know the brand?

28-03-12, 20:51
how much for the 2 sidewindows

28-03-12, 21:25
how much for the 2 sidewindows

Hayden, you'll have to ask the scrappy for that. They have the van.

28-03-12, 21:53
ok thanks m8