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Bike racks

04-08-08, 14:07
Ha T' Team

I feel quite smug with myself yesterday. I pick up 3 mates with bike to go to QE2 park in Hampshire mountin bike.

Had a great morning riding except for wipingout into some stinging nettles. they were very impress that I was able to make a cup of tea and bacon bap in my new fitted kitchen.

Then I looked at my van (still nice and clean from the holton classic last week) and then at the 4 bikes covered in mud "B~#%&Ks".

Does any know were i can get a bike rack for a split door T4. if you have one for sale great or know where I can get one cheap.


Steve Van'Cooke

04-08-08, 16:08
Fiamma do a double bike rack for twin doors

or there are quite a few that attach to tow bars thule pendel
Or you could try a bike bag to stick the bike in post ride


12-08-08, 20:42
thought you might be interested in this 130246333199 on ebay it is not advertised as bran door but it looks like one that would fit your van

13-08-08, 11:38
I use a thule tow bar mounted rack, it just scored 10/10 in the latest issue of MBR. It takes 3 bikes, and you can buy an adapter to allow it to take 4. It is ideal for us as it fits both the car, and the t4. Only slight issue is that you need to remove the rack to access the rear doors.