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Leisure battery

Matty G
05-08-08, 18:52
Hey everyone, bought a 110AH leisure battery this week and just got it delivered today.

However there's a note saying it needs charging before use, and doesn't have any markings or labels on to say what rating it is :bhd

So my questions to you guys are:

Firstly how can i tell if it is a 110AH battery?

and secondly why does it need charging, i thought new batteries come charged?:blg

05-08-08, 19:05
When it says charge before use this in your case just means connecting it up to your van as you would be anyway and driving with it allowing the alternator to charge it for a while before actually using it for anything, as for how long or how much driving it will take iam not to sure.

As for the size, is the no marking molded into the plastic anywhere that may say somthing or even an order number that you could google and see?

Matty G
05-08-08, 19:36
No it has no markings at all. It's just a big black battery, looks like fluid has run a bit on the top too.
Got it from CMC and they left a slip of paper saying charge before use.

How can i tell if it is full, there is a sight glass on the top but it just looks black :(

06-08-08, 05:09
Do you have a multimeter? Measure the voltage across the terminals, mine reads around 12.9volts fully charged. Mine is the gel type, a lead acid maybe only 12.6 volts.
The sight glass on my cranking battery shows blue when fully charged.