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3 way fridge help please!

06-08-08, 09:49
Ok, i've got an old electrolux 3 way fridge, it seems to work ok on 240 and 12v but i'm struggling to get it working with gas.

1. Is there a special way of turning it on (besides loading it with beer the tried and tested way with women ;)

2. is there a way of checking its working - instead of waiting for an hour or two to see if it gets cool.



06-08-08, 11:01
Dunno, but they need to be perfectly level when working off gas apparently.

Also should you get some sort of warm exhaust gas coming out of somewhere?

06-08-08, 11:14
there should be a little window inside the fridge, usually at the bottom left hand side right at the back to view if the pilot light is lit. On most models you turn gas on and hold it pressed in while pressing the ingnite button a few times which should make a clicking noise, hopefully you will hear the gas light or see the blue flame in the window, then wait a short while and slowly let the button out. If all OK then you should still see the flame. Set the temp based on the dial with 3 different sized flame sybols as opsed the the number one which is for the 240v. As said earlier, fridge needs to be fairly level to work. Also lighting one of the gas hobs (if you've got any) helps to pull the gas through when lighting the fridge

06-08-08, 12:31
Sometimes if it hasn't been used for a while you need to hold the knob in for a while (I:) to allow the gas to reach the fridge before clicking the ignite.


Have you checked that the gas bottle isn't low or empty....................;)


06-08-08, 12:33
An old ruse I was told by a refrigeration Engineer was if the 'fridge doesn't seem to be operating, turn it upside down for a few seconds and this may cause the airlock in the liquid to return to the reservoir. Hope this helps? Regards, Tony.

06-08-08, 14:20
YEY ! A: Got it going luuurrrrvvvly.

Just wondering where people put their exhaust?

I have my fridge behind the drivers seat and the exhaust is in line with the seatbelt pilar. has anyone else got their fridge in this position, if so how did you re route the exhaust.

PS thanks all - didn't know what the spy glass thingy was for. thanks!! :)

06-08-08, 14:28
you have got the exhaust going out ot the van haven't you??? if your going to put the frdge behind the drivers seat get ready to cut some holes in the van. the exhaust MUST exit the vehicle upwards.
you might want to consider the compined Dometic vents with the exhaust and hot air in one. if there is no flo of air behind the fridge to the outside world it will get warm and less and less efficient.