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Van Bra, red

24-11-07, 15:26
Decided to get a black bra for my van.
Had this red one for about 8 months. Bought from CMC and still has loads of life left in it and still in vgc. At the time it was the only red one Mike had made.
If intersted, make me an offer.

It's actually a better colour match than the photo suggests. Very bright sun was shining on it.

24-11-07, 16:29
what is that sticking out of your sunroof!!!???? ha ha

24-11-07, 18:18
i'll swap you for a brand new black one if your interested:)

24-11-07, 19:59
what is that sticking out of your sunroof!!!???? ha ha
That's this years must have T4 accessory. The clockwork handle to beat the ever increasing fuel increases. Few turns of that and it'll run for days T:
Really, it's a seed elevator. I work for aan agricultural firm and seed is put into the bottom of it and it then shoots into the back of a bulker.

You have yourself a deal higgy. If you PM me your address I'll get it sent off to you on Monday. As it's used and you've offered me a new black one, I'll cover your postage for you :cheers