Cheap Van For Sale Seen-Essex

06-08-08, 19:20
By the side of the road between Cressing and Silver End in Essex.

2003 on an 03 plate, 128,000 miles 2,500cc 888 Special in white. Looks like it has been a carpenters van, judging by the amount of screws and bits in the racking inside. The rest has been panelled out.

Body looks good and straigt (no little dings that I could se) except for a dent and scrape at the bottom trailing edge of the side loading door which continues into a big dent at the front of the rear nearside wheel arch, and there are two dents (1 either side)of the rear screen about a quarter of the way down (looks like it has been opened into something) but it hasn't broken the paint. The twin single seats (with armrests) look to be good with no rips, burns or stains apparent

No idea about tax, MOT or history, but it's up for 3,100 which looks seroiusly cheap for an 03 van. It's been there aweek or so, but tonight I had a chance to stop and have a quick scoot around it, and it looks a bargain to me. I'd like it, but just bought another bike!

It is NOT my van, I know nothing about it apart from the above. The phone number in the window is 01376 585533.

06-08-08, 19:30
That is good value, would be worth buying and selling on:D:D

06-08-08, 19:47
My thoughts eactly, but just blown all my money on a nice Aprilia I: