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Top speed of a 1.9 td tuned? What you had?

06-08-08, 19:51
Hi all..have messed with the van...inter cooler fitted....E.G.R valve blanked ..boost turned up.... more torque now but not amazing difference on top speed anyone?

team french
06-08-08, 19:53
had abouts 92 out of mine and the tacho was into the red(engine not been fiddled with yet)

T4 Tom
06-08-08, 19:58
High 90's but wouldn't do it again.

60-70 is just fine lol

06-08-08, 19:58
Gearing issues! .........they put a damm low 5th gear in the 1.9td!!!!even with mega bhp this will hold the 1.9td's back.......

Ben Holley
06-08-08, 20:56
How must we gear up our 1.9tds????????

06-08-08, 20:58
guys, just chill, ive had my team red for 2 days now - did 209 miles today, just strokin about at 70 - feelin the vibe

dreaming about how much cooler she is gonna look when she is slammed!!!!!!!

Ben Holley
06-08-08, 22:09
how low you gonna go?

07-08-08, 14:53
1994 1.9td no mods that I know of. I gave it a go and in the 90's she throwing out tons of black smoke so eased back.
It still had a little left so i reckon with the pp done, 100 mph should be easy!

07-08-08, 18:54
By hell man..that is good going......I would be happy if mine did that..and its got a bloody intercooler fitted....

big bazza
07-08-08, 20:55
ive had 94 mph out of my standard one coming back from bug jam ,it didnt really like it though

09-08-08, 11:10
mine sits at 80 and i have done high 90s about 98 i think no smoke eitherA:A:

09-08-08, 11:26
mine had vento td in an sat 95 no worries and still had more 2 go, But only done 4500 miles b4 it went bang, if you want to go fast get a bigger engine, 19's are very week remember this started off as a 1500cc petrol, and there is a lot of weight in a t4 van, it now on its 4 motor standard 19d that sit at 70 to 80 mph, i sure people will disagree with me but thats my opinion

big bazza
09-08-08, 22:48
id say 75 is a sensible cruising speed for a 1.9 td any more for a long period is too much for them really

10-08-08, 08:34
70 is comfortable in mine and it will run that all day

10-08-08, 16:55
ofcause you were all trying this on private roads i geussI: lol

T4 Tom
10-08-08, 17:03
ofcause you were all trying this on private roads i geussI: lol

Yeah got me own runway ;) I:

10-08-08, 18:18
between 70 80 is just right but its nice to get there quick and sit there comfortabley and not die when it hits a hill, but if you need more power get a 2.4 or 25

10-08-08, 20:20
have had over 100 in mine! man that would be good in a 1.9! i have a 2.5 and it has a pretty high 5th gear can you re-doo your 1.9 gear box?

10-08-08, 22:53
75 comfortable and 90 top end in mine... Best not to be a regular thing though!!