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Blowing hot

07-08-08, 17:40
Hi T-sters

My 1999 2.5 tdi is blowing hot air into the cab via the air vents.

Am I good soft and so used to Air con in my car or do I have a proplem.

on the motorway it is fine (not cold) but in town it just blows hot. switching to recycle air helps but not for long.

Please help.

Steve Van'CookeLOL:

07-08-08, 22:25
This is a common problem on T4's and my last one did it in fact. There was a detailed thread on the old forum about this but as I recall it goes something like having to get the the cables that contol the flaps on the heater matrix and reconnecting the one that opens and closes the hot vent, which tends to come disconnected. As I recall this is accessed from under the bonnet rather than removing the dash. Think that's roughly it anyway. Good luck.