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Road Tax...ex Aa Vehicle.

09-08-08, 11:24
When I purchased my EX AA T4 just over a month ago from newport auctions, the tax disc had been removed, on checking with DVLA by phone and online it showed it was taxed till 06/09, was told I could get a duplicate, popped down to my local DVLA office and they issued a replacement for 7.00. WELL HAPPY!

So maybe I was lucky?

But just thought I'd mention it, as if I had gone into the post office they would of gladly fleeced me for another 210.
As would DVLA online,

So new purchasers of EX AA T4, just check if yours might of been taxed prior to fleet release,


09-08-08, 17:10
yup they did it to me too..I:

and i work for the company..T:

it seems they are a bit slow in knowing what happens to their vans and good old fleet just renew the tax..

awww bless!:ILU:

fat bloke no fingers
09-08-08, 19:07
So how do you stand legally if they cash in the original licence disc ?
Surely yours would be rendered void :confused:

09-08-08, 21:09
maybe but im sure its all a write off in the end..

10-08-08, 15:28
Well could only go by DVLA recommendations if they say its Taxed and has not been refunded, Surely thats down to them? not me,

posted this just to make other newbie ex fleet that they maybe lucky also?

10-08-08, 15:52
i would of thought dvla would know which licence was last issued as make the previous invalid for a refund