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congestion charge

09-08-08, 15:29
bit of good news
just out of curiousity
sent off to see if my caravelle was exempt from the london congestion charge
filled in a form sent them a few pics of interior showing the 9 seats (inc driver)
and hey presto today got conformation that my velle is now exempt from congestion charge for the next year
not that i go to london but if i do il be 8 better off!"!!or at least i wont get a fine for not knowing whever i have entered it or not
what a stupid loop hole 9 seaters are exempt????

09-08-08, 16:11
Agreed. Its dumb.

Mine was a 10 seater.....but as a 5 seater I have no chance. Then they only exempted LPG vehicles that met stringent criteria. Mind you even thats dissappering soon, much to the disgust of those that paid a fortune. The argument was they pay less in fuel anyway.

But well done on getting yours aproved, I am most jealous. I have to limit when I go in to town to after 6pm.

I have wondered if they do actually correlate your form with insurance docs, to make sure you are running a 9 seater and not one converted to a camper....:confused:

09-08-08, 16:58
no my log book still lists it as an 8 (single front) but is insured as a 9
i just had to prove it was 9 (photos)

and mines a tdi

team french
09-08-08, 18:26
abit of photoshoping and anyones could be a 9 seater thenLOL: