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Rat Look?

11-08-08, 14:43
Anyone gone for the rat look?

Just done a search for both 'rat look' and 'rat' but no results.

Just after some possible ideas, so if anyone has any pics of their T4 ratted, then please post.


11-08-08, 15:04
my mate is a builder and his T4 is rat look for sure.

not intentionally though

11-08-08, 15:18
Yeah mine looks RATZ, Matt black home done spray job, Lowered, Audi Alloys , surf style seat covers, and a smoke generator (2.4d on 180k miles), oh and loadsa rust.

big bazza
11-08-08, 18:36
due to lack of funds mines getting there,sainsburys car parks speeding up the process quite well too

11-08-08, 18:42
yeah I get where you are all comin from. I'm not quite thinkin an absolute rust bucket.

I did a search a few days ago on google I think and found some nice pice of new cars like the MK5 golf that were described as rat look, although they were in fact quite clean.

what is the definition of rat look then? anyone?

I'm currently thinking that long term plans include painted matt black steelies and slammed on its ass! after that, i'm stuck.

maybe some matt black paint else where? bonnet?

maybe i've got the idea of rat look all wrong?

oil burner
11-08-08, 18:49
There's a van I've seen over in Anglesey that has a one of those full length builder style roof rack/cage things and a hefty full bull bar with light guards. It sits pretty low and is a bit a tatty. Not sure if the look is intentional, but it looks kind of mean.

11-08-08, 19:58
Dont do matt black, its all soooo old now!!!!!

A week after mine was done I saw another t4 in Garmisch Germany, and then a t3 where I live (Germany) and theres loads of cars out there matt black.

Theres now a trend for mixed Matt/ Shiney paint, try something different, get in there first.

steve padda
11-08-08, 20:16
Take the shine of your paint so it looks flat, add the odd neat patch of primer, lower it and stick some cool stickers in the windows, nice set of rims..... job done.
Then when you can or want add the side bars, bull bars etc.



11-08-08, 20:54
neat patch of primer, lower it and stick some cool , nice set of rims.....


..and...if rims are too much, slam it on steelies and stick some plastic whitewall spats on. :D

11-08-08, 20:59
yeah steelies :ILU:

the van is currently in for a new engine, so cash is tight :(

gonna stick with the steelies, slam it either 60 or 85mm and whitewall the tyres.

I've recently seen in performance VW mag that some people are starting to scrub all that text off their sidewalls (Is this legal??). Does this need to be done to whitewall the tyres? Also, ho do you whitewall them?

anyone think this will look good on an sunburnt orange van?

12-08-08, 07:54
Just do it................if its in your head and your thinking/liking the idea........go for it, my experience in the past with whitewall flaps or port-a-walls as they are known is that they only work really well with crossplys, when and if you scuff them they can buckle up and look , if you can afford it go for proper whitewall radials from North Hants Tyres........

how about some 1" redbands, painted red steel 15" wheels, nice chrome hubcap with big chrome bullet centre, paint it satin grey (not matt) and add some tinted red windows, bodge a bay style roof rack, and dump the back more than the front............all on a budget

12-08-08, 08:50
......maybe "chequerboard" the roof, say white / orange, or grey/ orange or white / grey :cool:

Must find a "few hundred quid" van of me own I: