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Worksop area Help needed..

11-08-08, 19:15
:) Hi, just wondered if there is anyone who can recommend a reliable place where I can get my cambelt done (including water pump, tensioners etc) around the Worksop area?? (2.5TDi), got a quote from a Dealer through a friend (Skoda not VW I think..) of 520 and they needed it for 2 days :confused: ....

Just recently bought it and service history is sketchy so to be on the safe side gonna get it done ASAP.

Dont mind travelling a reasonable distance but not too far as I work nights and will be exhausted I:
I would do it myself but just havent got the time at the moment :eek:

Also after some - Kingspan/Celotex, the local Wickes only sell small pieces....:(
-Some hi-temp spray glue
- A tow bar
Any one got any recommendations, or locations to get any of the above ?? T:

Many thanks, Mike :ILU:

11-08-08, 19:23
Hi Mike

I work for Listers VW in Coventry, I can do a Cambelt kit inc w/pump for 500 inc vat, Can also supply you a loan van if req. Looking about 2 weeks for a loan van and can have it done in the day. Listers 02476 644747.

Cheers Grant.

11-08-08, 19:34
Cheers Grant, just googled directions, but 80 miles, and hour and half drive might be a bit far at the moment, Will see if anything closer, if not will get in touch, cheers A:


11-08-08, 22:20
hi you could try the garage in clarbourgh thats on the way to gainsborugh on the right hand side coming from retford i know he's ok did my van two years ago but it wasnt mine then not got a number you would have to call
cheers T:

paul ss
11-08-08, 22:28
alright fella no one round these neck of the woods knows fook all about them thats what i have found if u got a spare few hrs and need a hand i dont mind am in worksop and got drive etc if you fancy a go am on calton road

11-08-08, 22:41
Try PM'ing Dave Cannon (T4bedsrg8). He is based in Worksop & I am sure that there is a garage opposite him, that will work on T4's. I saw a few T4's (including Dave's own T4) in that workshop when I went for my bed.
Hope this helps.T:

paul ss
11-08-08, 22:48
only person i would trust round here with myn is pete at tanvic tyres he owns a pulsar gtir good freinds with him and knows his stuff if u want a garage thats the only one i no failing that go see another mate of mine myles at worksop testing station tell him paul with the nissan pulsar he will look after you T:

12-08-08, 07:10
Thanks guys, plenty to think about there T:
I'm ashamed to say I've actually got my City and Guilds as a mechanic :eek: but aint touched a spanner in anger for about ten years!

& I havent been in touch with any of the mechanics that I did my course with in a long while....and am really out of it I:

I will have to get my self a decent set of spanners again :jd

Jarvo- I think I know the garage you mean, will check them out

Paul -many thanks for the recommendations and offer of help on your drive,T: but really struggling for free time at the moment, so probably looks like a job for a garage I:

Jurasik- over there today (Scotland farm), will ask a few questions T:T:

Cheers A:

Still need to find some kingspan and spray glue I: