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R 'n' R ........

13-08-08, 13:22
Hey there, what thickness wood panels have people been putting under the sponge on there R 'n' R beds ? Was thinking about 9mm or 12mm ply ????????????? :confused: :confused:

paul ss
13-08-08, 14:07
i would say about 12mm if it was me depending on timper i would use 12mm ply

T4 Tom
14-08-08, 00:15
Big Cat is the guy on here to talk to regarding ply (as he works with it)

(Others may also but he's just the guy I know who does)

Also, come along to the Tarka Inn on Monday (18th) at 7:30pm for the North Devon VWT4 meet.

Friendly bunch T:

14-08-08, 09:57
Suggest 12mm BB grade Birch plywood. It is strong for it's thickness and cuts and sands nicely to avoid splintering.