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Suppy of Special VW tools

13-08-08, 17:47
I have seen some people suggesting that VW are reluctant to supply special tools. Indeed the Bristol VW shop refused me. However the Taunton Van Centre seem completely relaxed about it and I bought myself a vibration damper counter hold yesterday so I will never again have to pay for a cam belt change. I asked them today if they would be happy for me to let you all know and they said "by all means". So: 0844 8112433. I am not sure they can post stuff but good to know if you have been having a hard time getting these invaluable items and you are in the area.

13-08-08, 22:22
I use Taunton Van Centre regularly, Pretty good..

Speak to Rob direct in parts dept, His number is 01823 339449 T:

14-08-08, 00:58
How much did the tool cost kitcat?

14-08-08, 06:00
if youre willing to pay for them there is no reason why you cant be supplied them, they are a part, but i think the discount matrix is different for tools

14-08-08, 07:17
Well Bristol VW refused and said they don't sell tools. I paid 35 + vat I think.

15-08-08, 12:38
I think it's worth that if the tool is the only thing standing in the way of doing it yourself.
I would be very surprised if VW Aust. would sell one. That is why I decided to make one myself. I am lucky & have a lathe & milling machine & my son is a professional welder so making tools is not a problem.