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im stupid i know

13-08-08, 19:49
ok seeing as im fairly new to owning a t4 whats the difference between the noses thing ie shotnose long nose ? its probably as it says but i just want it confirming

Rhosneigr Gaz
13-08-08, 19:53

One of each, note different wings, headlights, front panel, bumpers etc etc

13-08-08, 21:46
thought it might be something like that have noticed the front end being different to others but just needed it pointing out to me thanks lol

T4 Tom
14-08-08, 00:09
The bumpers on the second pic are fitted to both short nose and long nose 1997 onwards I believe so the difference is the wings, grill and lights

14-08-08, 05:16
so after the long nose came out could you then buy both ?