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Signwritten T4's

13-08-08, 20:09
Looking for inspiration with my upcoming signwriting (wall and floor tiler) please show us some pics.

14-08-08, 07:19
Here is my T4. I use it for my photography business, as a result I haven't got photography slapped all over it for security reasons which is a bit of a shame. I am really happy with the subtle design.

I hope this helps. :D

Ian :D Driver of the UK's quickest Drag-T4R "Pr0j3ct P0w3r"

16-08-08, 18:39
Cheers for that, anybody else?

24-08-08, 09:21
Why so shy????
I know a lot on here are more leisure/pleasure than business but there has got to be more than one person with a signwritten van. Just looking for ideas.

paul ss
24-08-08, 10:55
i have the designs for my van but dont no how to put pics up if you want me to email you them i can do but what i got is bit ott probley as its full body rap and expensiveT:

25-08-08, 20:30
Ta for the offer but i'm only looking at doing the back couple of (window) panels, still amazed at the general lack of signage:eek: