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Diesel pump...how many turns?

13-08-08, 20:40
REF: 1.9 TD....Just done the 'egr' valve blank off.....fitted inter cooler...turned boost up to max....now reading 9 to 10 psi!.......turned my diesel pump 1 and a quater turns like recomended..and it ran like **** with plooms of smoke...revs way to high..so backed of to just under a half turn from original setting...now ticks over at 10,000 and not so much smoke now.....much more power than when I started..very happy..I think engine mods now done to reliability level....

13-08-08, 21:08
I've done most of the same mods to my 1.9td and after a good year or running ive came across no ill effects , the turbo can handle 10 psi no problem and the engine doesn't seem to rev much harder than before .. no bad for most of the modifications being just a little time and no ... T: , about the only slight down side is you might lose a couple of mpg's off your fuel consumption

from memory i turned my diesel screw around 1.1/4 turns and tick over is at 1000rpm but there all different