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Help with locks needed please ?

14-08-08, 23:44
Can anybody tell me, now I have my tailgate fitted, how do I change the lock so my key fits the tailgate ?
I have the old tailgate lock fitted at the moment but no key, and I have the lock (that my key fits) in the barn door in the garage.

The part guy at the dealership said I can swap the innards of the barrel over between the two ??

Any help appreciated

14-08-08, 23:50
yep that is right, you need to release the inside end of the lock barrel and then push it out. you can then pull out the brass sliders and springs and swap them over.

sorry not got any pics but it is not to hard.

steve padda
15-08-08, 18:34
Pretty much as nicklouse has said, just lay the brass tumblers out in the order thet came out noting spaces and the put them back into the new barrell.
I think there was a few photos on the old site showing this if Iam correct they were put there by Spock