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Throttle control ?

15-08-08, 08:51
Hi guys trying to get an answer to this one ! pedal/throttle/gas set up ? are the 2.5 tdi pedal controled by cable to the fuel pump or is it done by electronic means ( so called fly by wire ?) my auto 2.5 tdi is fly by wire ! and have heard its very expensive to get fixed so trying to find this out now ? anyone know anything on this or where i can find out etc ? cheers guys . ( no probs with mine at moment but would like to be armed with info ! )

15-08-08, 08:52
Fly by wire, no cable on all the 2.5tdi's

15-08-08, 09:01
Cheers mate thats part of the info i want ! but still need to know costs and can you buy these aftermarket etc and are they the same unit as the manual tdi ? ( referring to the pedal control ! ) T: