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tdi long nose or short nose?

15-08-08, 19:51
Does the 2.5tdi come in long and short nosed versions? Iam looking at one on the ad trader it says its a 2.5tdi but it has a short nose is this right as i thought they brought the long nose out to accomodate the bigger engine and inter cooler,bluebus :confused:

15-08-08, 19:58
thats right mate, i have a 2.5 TDI 102hp in short nose, very common:)

15-08-08, 19:59
hi yes you can get the 2.5 in both long and short nose .. the panel van usually came with short nose and the late caravelle generally comes with the long nose fitted .. although ive seen a few run out model panel vans with a long nose .. the longer nose was made to house the the VR6 and V6 petrol engines .. T:

15-08-08, 20:01
thanks steve found a 2001 van with37000 miles on clock hope its genuine,bluebusT:

15-08-08, 20:14
Wow, thats extremely low miles, good luckT:T: