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locking bolts

16-08-08, 10:55
flat taper type, brand new, never been used. 20 posted.

16-08-08, 14:44
Having looked into getting some of these i am left confused :(
I have a 01 t4 with audi alloys and have been told i need the model name of the wheels in order to get the right bolts??
If this is a load of salesman bull then your bolts should fit right?
If they'll fit then i'll deffo take em!

16-08-08, 14:57
the main difference is the taper, look at the taper on your wheels, if its flat then these should be ok, if its radious then these are not suitable.

16-08-08, 15:11
Hmmmmm, will check it out on monday when i get the van back from the dealers.
Thnx for simplifying it ;)

16-08-08, 15:17
no problem, it was hard trying to explain it without being patronising LOL:

and even then I got it wrong, the taper on the bolts are radioused, not flat


03-09-08, 11:53
Ok so have finally had a look at van.

If they are still available gimme a shout coz i think they'll fit a treat.

03-09-08, 12:01
Il have em!

Im keeping my steelies - just had em fully refurbed with new rubber and TBH I think they look good enough to nick so Im going to get some lock bolts.

The flat taper is the standard fitting for steelies. How long is the thread?

I believe the majority of alloys use a radiused bolt but I may be wrong

Let me know if they have been sold or not... I guess Im 2nd or 3rd dibs?


Errr.... just read the posts properly! Are these radiused then? Im confused!

Soft But Happy
03-09-08, 18:44
ill have them 1st 2nd or third dibs

04-09-08, 09:17
sorry for the late reply...I have just moved house. Right then, I still have them, they are radioused (not flat) taper.
As above 1st dibs to surfichick...2nd to simplepsy and 3rds to SBH.


04-09-08, 11:49
il have 4th :D

04-09-08, 15:47
5th???:( (you never know!)

04-09-08, 18:12
I need flat taper for my steels so count me out LOL:

Thanks Itsa T: