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I Have Puddles!... In My T4!!

16-08-08, 16:45
I went out to the van this afternoon after a few days of heavy and consistant rain, and I opened the drivers door to find that the van had let in water! :( Not quite sure how it got in as doors were closed, windows were up, all rubbers around doors and windows are fine...
The only thing I can think of is that its letting water in through the front somewhere, from under the dash Im guessing as the water is in the foot position when your sat down. What is around that area of the van?!

I cant see any signs of water, but its definately getting in from somewhere!!
Im wondering if you guys could help me out on this one!! As the floor is soaking!! Lucky its only the rubber matting, not my carpeted one!

But whats your thoughts guys!?!
Help would be appreciated! :D


16-08-08, 16:50
I get this in mine when it's raining, I think it's just the water off your feet, you dont normally notice on carpet as it soaks in and dries. The water just sits on top of the rubber matting when wet..... this is the case in mine anyway

16-08-08, 16:54
I do notice the water when I have just got into the van after walking around in the rain, but it was just the case that I havent used the van for a few days, and I opened it up to see the water on the floor! Concerned me slightly!


16-08-08, 16:57
I think sometimes the windscreen rubbers can deteriorate and let it a touch of water and trickle its way down through, maybe that :dunno:

steve padda
16-08-08, 16:59
How much water are we talking about ??, if your screen has been changed it could be that it has not been sealed correctly


16-08-08, 17:01
Most of the time its were cheap skates have replaced windows at some time before you owned it. They may look sealed and good but there not.
We find it all the time, people say your too expensive but you get what you pay for.

16-08-08, 17:09
check your water channels aren't blockedT:

16-08-08, 18:40
That problem sounds familiar, I had pools of water in my van, Ive had my windscreen changed and thought that was the problem, in my case not. Check the bellows from the body to the door that covers all the electric cables for things like elec windows, elec mirrors, central locking etc. Make sure it seated correctly. It will leak. You wil also need to rule out the windscreen.

All worth a check.

team french
16-08-08, 20:59
ive got a bit of rust comeing thru at the bottom corner of the windscreen on mine but after a rain shower i noticed water seeping out from the rubber trim around the windscreen, i pushed a credit card under it(between it and the bodywork) and found it was full of dirt and holding water(all the way from the top to the bottom) and the likly cause of the rust, its getting in the top corner as the seal is slightly away from the body and has just filled up over the years but something i need sorting. is it possible that it could rust thru with no signs from the outside and thus the puddles:dunno: