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starbucks taunton

17-08-08, 14:56
Hi all I was sat in starbucks window in Taunton yesterday and quite a few T4's ent past and some very tasty one's at that so just wondering how many of you from taunton are on the forum ???Rasp:

17-08-08, 22:33
i'm from bridgwater... not quite taunton but not far away!

autohaus taunton
18-08-08, 08:08
hi we are autohaus t4 people from crowcombe.lots of t4 in family best vehicle in world.A:

18-08-08, 13:16
I passed something yellow and very tidy in Milverton on friday evening. There are loads around the Van centre side of Taunton. I am gloucestershire based but my mother has a farm near wiveliscome. Loads of barns and dry cover for doing things like changing cylinder heads so I am there upping the population regularly.

18-08-08, 13:50
I'm in Taunton also. T4 and a T5 owned by me.Good meet every month at the Blacky just off Jn25 M5. See you there???????

23-08-08, 17:37
Woo! That was me in Milverton. My mrs parents live there. I'm up in Oxfordshire normally though:)

24-08-08, 16:20
Well I'm glad we didn't cut each other up then and shout rude things, although I was disguised as a Honda at the time!

25-08-08, 23:25
Yep, lots of nice T4's down in Taunton (trying to keep up with us up in Bristol), also lots down in Exeter......and a few in Cheltenham n Gloucester. Must be an M5 corridor thing!:dunno: