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noise on tick over - help me!!

17-08-08, 15:15
Hi all,

My 2.5 diesel has started ticking from the engine on idle - anyone else got this or know if i should be worried?


17-08-08, 15:25
try this, pump your brake pedal while idling see if the noise changes/disappears, if it does vacuum pump is noisey

18-08-08, 12:37
If it doesn't goe away when pumping the brake (at idle) the it might be Dual Mass Flywheel. It was on my 2.5TDi ex-AA. Fingers crossed:gl

18-08-08, 17:09
mine does this aswell
give it a quick rev it goes away for a few minutes
thought it might have been a lifter but wasnt so not spending too much on investigation at 300,000 miles il wait till it goes bang and just put a whole engine in,,,

25-08-08, 11:38
ok, when i pump the brakes the noise is gone, so i guess i have a dodgy vacuum pump?

1. what does this mean? should i be concerned?

2. how do i fix it? - new pump?

3. how expensive for parts? (i normaly do all work myself)

4. Cheers everyone! A:

25-08-08, 11:43
vacuum pump and ord few hundred for a vw dealer, id change the push rod as well, alot of them go noisey way before they fail, id get it changed

wind welder
25-08-08, 11:47
German ebay.

still loads cheaper than VW UK, and the seller accepts paypal so no huge bank transfer fees.

Cheers Trev