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dont go to the alps without AA cover!!!

17-08-08, 18:08
as predicted my t4 let me down again this time 1000miles away from home good bless the AA they sorted everything out van due back in the uk in in 10 days!
had fun on the bikes in the mountains though!

Desp Dan
17-08-08, 18:13
as predicted

Bummer :(

You did'nt sound right confident about your bus :(

Just done 2700 miles thru France & only the Boost Gauge Conked :eek:

Still hope you had a good time & it did'nt spoil your Jolly too much T:

Nice pictures T:

17-08-08, 18:14
:eek:Bad news, but good old AA!, Are you the loon on the singlespeed?A:

17-08-08, 18:16
Sorry to hear that mate. Have just done 2950 miles in Europe myself so i know how you must have felt. Nice to hear your bus will be home soon tho

T4 Tom
17-08-08, 20:08
better get me Euro cover sorted.

I'm off to France, Belgium & Germany tomorrow night/tues morning and I'm going in my P-reg 1.9TD with 148k on the clock I:

What went wrong that needed recovering mate?

TDI Dave
17-08-08, 20:31
id put a wager on somthing gearbox/clutch related ?

just for fun like :ILU:

steve padda
17-08-08, 22:18
id put a wager on somthing gearbox/clutch related ?

just for fun like :ILU:

I'll go clutch on this one.

18-08-08, 09:31
well it is an electrical fault the garage in france had no clue what to do.
ive got glow plugs starter etc just no started some times then nothing but if it was left over night it started again.when it was at the garage i took the front off to have a look at the pump and diesel was flowing nicley out of the throttel shaft onto the alternator! duno if this is related to the starting problem.? the van has done 160k maybe time for a new fuel pump:(!

18-08-08, 09:32
:eek:Bad news, but good old AA!, Are you the loon on the singlespeed?A:

yeah single speed all the way!

18-08-08, 09:44
some more pics for ya
at the ski lifts
2700m after5 hours of up hill!

T4 Tom
18-08-08, 10:15
yeah single speed all the way!

ahhh that's not a problem Rasp:

Mine did that, it's a common problem if its a 1.9TD?

Costs between 60 to 200 to get fixed depending where you take it... cost me 100 including the all parts and labour.

Not sure why that would cause the problem though unless its sucking air in somehow?

Good luck getting it sorted... just think of the fuel that you have saved getting home LOL:

18-08-08, 10:43
i hope its a cheap fix!

TDI Dave
19-08-08, 00:51
Could be the pump soloniod packing up

19-08-08, 01:04
Just wanted to mention, I used the Germany company for full European cover. It only costs about 80 Euros for 12 months and that includes recovery to the UK. The policy is very comprehensive and includes putting you up in a hotel. I believe the AA come out if you do break down in the UK and call the Adac number. The only downside is that its a bit awkward to pay them as you have to transfer the money from you're bank into theirs.

Enjoy the holiday and I hope you get the van sorted soon!

20-08-08, 18:25
Could be the pump soloniod packing up

yeah thats what the AA techs thought it was over the phone. taking it to ultimate transporters mac,s going to sort it out for me shud be trucking again soon!:ILU:

20-08-08, 22:17
Whereabouts in the Alps?

Ours did fine on a Chamonix/Verbier/Valsavarenche bike trip last week... (

I was glad of the euro cover though, peace of mind etc

21-08-08, 23:20
[QUOTE=Dave_A;154160]Whereabouts in the Alps?

embrun /briancon area was so good!