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Scooby passed MOT 1st time

17-08-08, 19:19
Put Scooby through his MOT, phoned up on Fridayfor a quote & they could fit him on the Saturday.

I expected a failure on the two rear tyres but Scooby has passed no probs - just the 40 test fee :D

Now I have to get the two rear tyres (205/65/R15) replaced - quoted 116 (slow puncture & one part worn but just legal) & put a proper battery @ 90 (car battery on right now, remember Desp Dan :cool:) - all booked for next Saturday & hopefully I'll pass my driving assessment on the 29th. Had a wee driving practise on "private land" over the last week & fingers crossed for the assessment which I suspect will be more like a driving test - how many of us could pass a driving test again if we had to?! :eek: - I am s:citting myself about it I:.

Will keep peeps updated! & hopefully I'll be driving back to hospital on the 31st August - just the price of fuel that is scaring me - it was sub a when I stopped driving in back in Apr


Big Bad Bear
17-08-08, 19:28
Nice one Matt good luck with the test Bud :ILU:

17-08-08, 19:39
Nice one Matt good luck with the test Bud :ILU:

cheers chris

as soon as i know the news with the test & driving, i'll send u a pm ref the the defelectors

17-08-08, 22:47
you sound suprised that it past...tut tut tut shame on you for doubting scoobs. good luck with the test. T:

paul ss
17-08-08, 22:54
you sound suprised that it past...tut tut tut shame on you for doubting scoobs. good luck with the test. T:

why they have a engine made by cadburys choclate

oh well least there that commen on every street cornor spares could be picked up easyLOL:

Desp Dan
18-08-08, 05:18
MOT another box ticked T:

Good luck with the assessment Matt T: T: T:

18-08-08, 05:49
All the best for the test Matt, you'll soon be heading down this way soon..T:T:

18-08-08, 06:49
That's Scooby MOT'd. Just need your's Matt - hopefully just a couple of new bits should sort it! Look forward to seeing you back here at sometime soon. T:

18-08-08, 18:10
Good luck with the assesment Matt hope to see you back down this way soon T:

18-08-08, 18:43
many thanks people for the words

hopefully i'll pass with no need for adaptions to scooby - i am now stone deaf in my left ear, reduced vision on the left eye & reduced ataxia on the left limbs

but tring hard to get more strength back so all fingers crossed T:


20-08-08, 20:56
sadly i have had my licence rovoked today on medical grounds and i have to hand it in by friday

i am stunned because no1 with my condition has ever had this happen to them & i was advised that as i long as i pass my driving asessment, i should be ok to drive

it has kinda knocked the wind out of my sail as i was have expecting to regain some independance, now i am f:ced and have to keep relying on other people

also not sure whether my assessment for next week is going to happen now as i no longer have a licence let alone a provisional one to do any form of driving

never do what the doc or OT says and contact DVLA :( thinking all will be well, it seems they are economical with the truth rather than tell you the cold hard facts - at least with the facts you can face reality and get on with life


21-08-08, 04:31
Thats bad news Matt, a real shame, do you get it reveiwed again at any time. Hope you get it sorted T:

Desp Dan
21-08-08, 05:09
Really feel for you Matt, That's a real Bummer But try & Keep your chin up fella T:

21-08-08, 15:29
Thats bad news Matt, a real shame, do you get it reveiwed again at any time. Hope you get it sorted T:

i spoke to DVLA & they have decided to ban me for 12 months, they spoke to my doctor who advised them i should not drive regardless of the fact that he recommended my driving assessment - in a way it seems like a very patronising gesture

Really feel for you Matt, That's a real Bummer But try & Keep your chin up fella T:

pretty hard :( right now esp as my mind itself is as active as before, it is just the physical weaknesses on my left side which are improving all the time

wish i had never listerned to my OT & informed DVLA in the 1st place. i feel i'll have fight to get my licence back - it feels like i am considered guilty before a trial or before i had any chance to have a full & independant assessment

21-08-08, 15:34
That really smells of big brother, as the least they could do was allow you to be assesed before making the final decision, instead they just take what the doc and dvla say and dismiss any feelings you have.

Fight it all the way.

Can you not challenge the decision?

23-08-08, 10:15
it seems like things can only get worse

saw a doc y'day & he said it is unlikely my eye will ever recover and has recommended that i close it up :eek: so i am to have surgery in early november to close the left eye

got 2 tyres for 116 & a battery for 89.50. unfortunately had to pay for them as the garage had already bought before my ban arrived

spoke to DVLA again, you are not allowed to speak to their Docs even though they are the people who have made a decision about you :mad: b:cy c:cap. so i have to wat out til my Doc fancies calling DVLA and it appears that my Doc advised them that i should not drive, i have no chnace of turning the decision around. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

23-08-08, 15:25
Thats bad Matt, can you get a second opinion of another doc T:

23-08-08, 18:45
This just stinks Matt, I'd love to know on what grounds you get a total ban before an assistment...with all the modern technology that can be fitted into a vehicle surely with adaption you can in law has sight only in 1 eye and drives for a nation wide parcel delivery firm, I have a friend who is wheel chair bound and drives daily so whats their problem????? Youve got more mobility by the sounds of it and they ban you.....f*****g T******rs...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR tooooo

Its just too easy to say "ban him" than go to the effort and paperwork to assess you..:c:c:c

25-08-08, 04:38
Really sorry to hear how this has developed mate. I am aware that there are some specialist legal types that have helped some older drivers get back on the road. Is this a route worth looking into with a view to appealing against the decision?
Keep your chim up Matt. Lot's of good friends on here behind you. T:

25-08-08, 08:33
MAtt, I hope you get this sorted, im sure they should of assessed you before pulling the licence!

If they tell you, you need adaptions if they let you have it back, Adaptacar is just up the road in South Molton..