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de cat

18-08-08, 18:32
hi . i have a t4 800 1.9 tdi 1997 can i replace the cat with a de cat pipe ? is it worth doing ? many thanks carpie

Desp Dan
18-08-08, 18:41
Yes & Yes T:

MOT is no problem either T:

18-08-08, 18:50
MOT is no problem either T:[/QUOTE]

how does that work desp dan?
i always thought vehicles after 93 had to have a cat:confused:

paul ss
18-08-08, 18:59
think deisels are only smoke tested or thats what i rember been told

18-08-08, 19:01
i had got told something like that by a mate of mine but thought he was just taking the p:c

does it make much difference if you remove the cat then?

team french
18-08-08, 19:10
i always thought vehicles after 93 had to have a cat:confused:

think it was petrol vehicles had to be manufactured with cats from 93. but i think no vehicles by law have to have a cat as long as they can meet the emisions applicable to their year. but as said above the emmisions for deisels are differentT:

18-08-08, 20:40
i've got a 2.5tdi, seems to make a bit of difference since the de-cat.

18-08-08, 22:27
i went from a full 2.5tdi standard system with cat fitted on my 1.9td to a full stainless 2.1/2" powerflow exhaust with no noticeable difference , ok maybe slight improvement

19-08-08, 06:30
The Smoke Test During The Mot Test On Diesels Only Measures Smoke Density So The Cat Is Not A Testable Itemt: