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Rear bumpers

Barry Coast
19-08-08, 08:08
Hi Ive got an older t4 with a 3 peice rear bumper thats a bit knackered ,
I want to change it for a later 1 peice model, has anyone done this ?
Is it a straight foward swap, are the mounting brackets the same,:)

19-08-08, 08:27
I've done it, I used 2 corner brackets from B&Q to mount the front of the bumper. I left the old centre piece in place and used selftappers underneath to fix it in place, looks much better :D

19-08-08, 09:10
i have a new style bumper sittng in the corner too! i read somewhere it was a tricky job but that route sounds quite simple. and chance of some piccies?

19-08-08, 18:10
My bus is in the workshop at the moment, having the gearbox repaired :( If you can wait till Friday (hopefully) I'll take some pictures

Barry Coast
21-08-08, 11:48
Yeah cheers show me some picksHT:

08-09-08, 20:16
any chance on some piccies then rustybus??