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pre 96 bumper to clear and other t4 bits

Jeremiah Johnson
19-08-08, 11:59
t4 pre 96 front bumper 12 delivered

a big box of t4 auto jumble ... cost of courier only 10 delivered

A bag of t4 door rubbers cost of postage only 9.00

Bench seat 10 delivered (this is pre 96 has lap belt and lap belt reciever but not other reciever)

Marron bonnet with welsh dragon graphics 12 delivered

28-08-08, 20:36
hi, intrested in the bumper, where are you, pm me plz:)

28-08-08, 21:43
When you say door rubbers are we talking the seals if so have you a decent back one...also got the sump guard..Many Thanks T:.just need a dry day to fit it...hate lying under the van in the rain.I:

29-08-08, 10:13
If we are talking about the seals then i'll take the ones left after muddyhell.
Cheers T:

29-08-08, 21:02
Hi ya, got any spare badges in that jumble box? I'm after a chrome front and rearT: