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Help Please!!!

19-08-08, 15:14
Hi, jus borught a t4 800 special... jus wondered what it means?? 800 special???

19-08-08, 16:13
Im not a fact expert but im sure that,
800 stands for payload i.e 800kg.
and the "special" bit refers to certain extras over bog standard, such as tailgate (not barn doors), also it should have a plastic side step and rear threshold trim, captains seats, i thinkI:
Thats all i can remember.
you can use the search function on here and that will reveal all!T:

Mad Aly
19-08-08, 16:35
Did a little search for you maybe this is of some help .


19-08-08, 20:12
Ok Thanks Ppl!!!! Your All Great!!!