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2001 vr6 caravelle

11-05-12, 19:11
Van has 160,000 miles. Engine was rebuilt 4 years ago at a cost of over 1500.00 in parts alone, re-conditioned auto box just over a year ago. The vans spec is as follows: 2.8 vr6 automatic, electric windows, central locking, cruise control, twin climate control, electric sunroof, twin sliding doors, factory tinted windows, full genuine projekt zwo body kit, twin stainless steel exhaust, two bar and lpg although disconnected. The present condition mechanically A1 bodywork very good although body kit could do with paint due to stone chips etc.,.

For more information call Paul on 07872 566682.

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12-05-12, 08:24

12-05-12, 08:42
Can I buy longnose front end

12-05-12, 08:55
Drivers side front fog light please..

12-05-12, 09:13
I'll take the headlights please:ILU:
Can pick up tomorrow!

12-05-12, 09:32
What sort of of LPG tank/tanks has it got, any chance you could post a picture?

PM me a price for cruise control stalk and front brake calipers and disks?

12-05-12, 09:35
How much complete? Why break such a good spec van?

Fishbreath Mc Pebblepincher
12-05-12, 09:36
Why are you breaking it if all is ok? What would you sell for complete?

Fishbreath Mc Pebblepincher
12-05-12, 09:37
Ha ha phatty beat me too it LOL:

12-05-12, 09:45
as above why break a van of that spec.....

12-05-12, 10:52
I would be interested in the complete wiring loom and controllers for the climate control and maybe the sunroof depending on conditionT:

12-05-12, 17:23
the reason i am breaking it is i have removed the factory leather interior to convert to day van with bed in back and large sound system. but now due to a change of plans i am building a crew cab and was going to fit the interior in that. only to find out today that the back seat wont fit :( so now im considering selling the whole van with the interior but will need putting back in. so if anyone is interested in it im looking for 5000
iv had a offer of 1500 for the front end and complete bodykit

14-05-12, 19:46
If you do break it I would like both side sliding door middle channels please.......T:

14-05-12, 21:40
if i do break it the sliding door runners will go with the body kit. sorry

t4 Zimbo
14-05-12, 21:45
You say the LPG is disconnected - what has been removed and what is connected?

15-05-12, 16:05
one of the tanks have been removed as it was in the back of the van the other tank is underneath were the spare wheel goes. the rest is still connected.needs rear pipes sorting

15-05-12, 16:39
ile have the head lights and will give up my standard ones to keep your front end still complete to sell.....

15-05-12, 18:46
Shot gun the front arb if its the 27mm one with the bolt on drop links

15-05-12, 19:00
sorry as said earlier i have a offer on the full bodykit and front end including headlights

shiro utsuri
15-05-12, 19:52
is it barn doors or tailgate ? if barn how about interior plastics for me :D

15-05-12, 20:00
Wish i could by this van.

How much for front end?

15-05-12, 22:01
need the dog leg bar that operates the catch etc on the slider (its different to a panel van as I am fitting caravelle plastics)

Let me know.

18-05-12, 22:22
[;ease keep me posted on whether you break or not i am very interested in the gearbox , and possibly the nearside slider if it has one cheers keith

10-06-12, 08:32
Hi, Interested in the engine and box. How many miles on the engine since rebuild ? What's the engine and gearbox codes ? Can it be seen running ?
Let me know if your breaking. I can drop down as in Exeter.
Cheers Craig

11-06-12, 12:40
If breaking and has Tailgate can I have dibs on that please - will need everything to convert from barn doors.

14-06-12, 01:19
I would like to buy the rear side windows and rear tailgate window, and the interior panel/window trim from the drivers side sliding door. You can PM me a price inc posting if you like.