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White smoke on start up

19-08-08, 22:06
Hi guys,

tried to post this in the engine forum but it wouldnt let me ! Im getting some white smoke on start up from cold , especialy when the choke isnt pulled out, is this normal? the engine seems to stutter a bit when this is happening. Any suggestions on this?


20-08-08, 17:52
I presume this is a diesel.
The cold start lever advances the timing when pulled out. Diesels like the timing to be advanced for cold start. If the timing is not advanced then you can get something called 'cool misfire' which shows itself up as white smoke and you can smell the unburnt fuel.
Check that the lever is fully operated when the cable is pulled.
Hope this helps.

30-10-08, 19:47
I get the same problem. Do you mean I should pull the choke out on cold starts even though the engine starts no problem?