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looking for a picture of the trim around the high brake light.

19-08-08, 22:46
in a T4 rear tailgate.

as my old one does not have a high brake light and my new one does.

and i would like to see what i need to do.

06-09-08, 19:54
no one have any pics then?

06-09-08, 20:17
what are you trying to do?

06-09-08, 20:24
see what I need to look for. is it part of the window trim or seperate.......

06-09-08, 21:49
I see - wish i'd seen this before 4 this afternoon...could have had a look for you as was visiting someone who has one.

Would imagine the light's mounted within the trim and the trim is different to the standard.

I've had mine off recently (standard - no light) and thinking about it, the tailgate itself would have to have different drillings if it were to have a high level light. I reckon VW wouldn't go to the trouble of making tailgates with different drillings just because of a break light so the sensible solution would be to mount the light in a different plastic trim.

I guess you've had your trim off already and seen the line of mounting points it secures to...my best guess is that the light is mounted in a different trim that secures to the standard mounting points.

Hope this is some help. :ILU:

06-09-08, 22:17
iv got one on mine, as i keep it in the workshop, il take a pic on monday

06-09-08, 22:35
cheers folks.

08-09-08, 20:43
Is this what you meen?


08-09-08, 22:07
i think it is.

So i should be able to use the old window surrond trim and go looking for the seperate light suround. Or just buy it ;)

thanks you very much.