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2.4 D Engine...

20-08-08, 23:03
Is it significantly less powerful than the 2.5TDI ?

I've found a LWB 2.4 that's in my price range and seems in pretty good nick, but I dont want to drive 80 miles to find out it's woefully underpowered.


20-08-08, 23:14
Is it significantly less powerful than the 2.5TDI ?

Bit noisier & less refined too.
Minimal / No tuning potential.

But I love mine just the same.
And it loves the veg oil! :D

Would still recommend that you test drive one & make your own mind up.

Matt T4
21-08-08, 07:48
Yeah they don't have the umph of a 2.5TDI, and no way of PP'ing!
Still i manage to cruise at illegal speeds on motorways and definately think they sound better than the other engines, you won't be blown away by acceleration and have to plan overtaking but I love mine.
I would of liked more power from mine but you do get used to it, still drive with a great big smile on my face!! Can always be turbo'd if you find it lacking!?!

22-08-08, 09:35
What's the mpg like on the 2.4? I'm thinking of upgrading from my 1.9td. Adding a turbo sounds like a good plan...any ideas on cost?

22-08-08, 12:51
This is the company that converts the engine to turbo charged.

I enquired and seem to think it cost about 2500 :eek:

My 2.4d camper does about 35mpg average.


25-08-08, 11:58
Yup - 35mpg sounds about the same as mine.
Worked out to 33.5 on my last full tank of veg oil :D