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Driving to scotland no Petrol Gauge or Temp

21-08-08, 10:14
fuse blew yesterday when putting a new glove compartment in touched the wires on the bulb for it heard the fuse go but can't find it for ****, its hidden somewhere in the fusebox I take it, if anyone know's where it is and can help I would very much appreciate a text 07792286571

Transporter T4 N Reg non tdi

21-08-08, 10:30
would be suprised if the fuse is causing the temp / fuel guage issue. more likely cracked / dry solder joints on the voltage stabiliser on the circuit board inside the instrument cluster. have a search there are plenty of detailed fix instructions knocking around on here.

failing that the fuse uses on that model are printed on the inside of the fuse cover, behing the cubby hole under the cold start lever

21-08-08, 15:57
sorry was a complete prat it was under "warning light" on the fuse box,

more M6 to go :(