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reimo roof conversions

21-08-08, 19:46
I'm seriously considering having a reimo roof fitted to my velle, i think they are the monks nuts, however, i am also aware they come at a price so was wondering if anyone out there knows of someone who can quote me happy?? i see there are a couple of outfits on ebay that are advertising figures of around 2750. Do we think this is the going rate or does anybody know different? i live in the south west but have no problem with travelling to get a good deal
I'd Appreciate any feedback,
Lee :ILU:

21-08-08, 19:54
i have had my roof converted by CMC in Hythe kent,

cost me 2579 inc vat

makes a massive difference

also CMC were very proffessional and courtious

21-08-08, 20:05
Damn thats nice. did you have the bed boards with your's aswell? and did they paint it for you within that figure?
Thanks for your post! T:

21-08-08, 20:29
No we didnt go or the bed as theres just 2 of us, if i remember right the bed was an extra 320 ish

The roof comes white and they wanted around 400 to colour code it.

as my van has just been painted at my mates bodyshop i took it back there and he charged me 230

babs 5479
21-08-08, 21:02
try m.a.d in kingswood bristol mate seen them cutting into a 08 plate last week:eek:

21-08-08, 21:29
torbay conversions
i asked for a deal and they were very keen.