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still looking 88 or 102 bph

21-08-08, 20:44
hi im still looking for a van saw one on auto trader but it was an 88bhp i still want a 102 bhp,is there much diference in power between them,looking at doing lots of traveling in cornwall and the lake district lots of steep hills hence the need for horse power have tried a couple of 88bhp and they didnt seem that powerful,bluebus

21-08-08, 20:49
Depending on how much you want to spend I can recommend Mike at CMC, got my ex-AA off him and well pleased with it.

21-08-08, 20:58
Dont go for 88 bhp it has smaller engine and you will be changing gear all the time guttless

21-08-08, 21:41
Dont know where you got that information from but theres nothing wrong with the 88 and they are def not guttless!!! Try driving a Transit!!!!!


21-08-08, 21:49
hi matt the vans i drove were older high milage vehicles they seemed abit worn out what sort of milage has yours done ?any idea of top speed,bluebus

21-08-08, 22:02
It's no racing car but I agree with Matt888 the 88bhp deffo not gutless, and you do not need to chase up and down gears, it pulls very strongly.

22-08-08, 07:10
Hi Blue, Ive had both, they are both 2.5lt engines the only difference is the intercooler on the 102. Ive currently got a 88bhp and to be honest it doesnt run a lot slower than the 102 i had and theres still plenty of torque for those hills, i was a bit hesitant about buying the 88 after having the 102 but those fears were unfounded, best thing to do is give one a try yourself and see what you think.