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22-08-08, 08:57
Hello Everyone

As it was raining the other evening and I had nothing to do, I settled down on the sofa and read through the complete owners manuals.

I found some information that I had forgotten.

This led me to think of some of the little things that I have done to the family vehicle.

Somethings have taken hours to source, others just happened.

So....have you any tips of things that you have done that have been a great help when using your vehicle (they can be cheap, exspensive, no cost etc) that would help other owners (myself included) time from sourcing and help in the use of their vehicle.

I am sure that lots of us could benefit from this.


22-08-08, 09:37
I needed a multi socket for sat nav, phone, pda etc in the cab area. I did not want lots of cables and new the only way to go forward was a 12V Multi Socket .

I found this one after some some seraching. It is a Perfect Fit into the cubby hole. It has Red Lights to match the dash and stereo (other colours are available), and was bought from Halfords.

It is simple to use, all you do is press button, 1, 2, 3 or 4 to turn the appliance on or off.

I have put the socket under the dash, with all wires held together with velcrow.

On the bottom R/H Side front window I have another Sat Nav and the cable comes from under the dash, and in behind the door rubber up against the dash and the cable extends approx 10cm.

It works really well and has not caused any issues in over a year of use.