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DIY head gasket...not too hard really

22-08-08, 16:06
So I decided to have a go at my head gasket. It ended up taking a long time due to wasting time before spending money on the right tools and waiting for a new cylinder head to be delivered but apart from that it was fairly straight forward. I can't belive I paid someone to change my cam belt, it is right there infront of you. So simple really. I think I got my fuel pump timing right. All back together and running well. I hope the wining noise is from the steering pump though...hmmmn..sounds like a small mamal singing at a particular low rev range. Anyway. I shall either break down on the way to Snowdon or make it. We shall see but what a great way to test if I put it back together right.
It's a 2.4d. Simple mechanical.

23-08-08, 13:07
Did you take any pics kitkat while you were doing it?

24-08-08, 16:21
Some but they didn't turn out very well and I sort of got side tracked after finding my head was cracked. Should have though. Next time eh?