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speedo not working

24-08-08, 19:04
Just realised my speedo isn't working, the lights and everything else on the dash is fine so just the speedo and when you drive the mileage doesn't go up.
New to T4's and no manual yet so any pointers to how easy it is to check speedo cable conection not to mention where it is? not too urgent as the only long journey in the next few weeks I can use the speed on the TomTom. ( I must invest in a manual )

paul ss
24-08-08, 19:29
speed sensor is normely on the gearbox mate dont no if it differs between diffrent models though

24-08-08, 19:40
Cheers mate, I'll have a look tomorrow. It's one thing after another.

25-08-08, 12:05
Hi Tomcat...

It is probably the speed sensor on the gearbox...a new one is 20 from VW. It is easiest to access from underneath and is located under a silver sheath that is held together with poppers. Just undo the poppers, unscrew the sensor by hand and connect up the new one and screw back in place.

I spent ages checking the clocks, cables, fuses etc. and in the end it was just this sensor needing replacing and was the simplest job to do!

25-08-08, 21:35
would that stop the mileage increasing as well?