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Cheaper 2.5 fuel without SVO?

25-08-08, 11:28
I don't want to change vehicles but I need to cut this fuel bill if I can somehow.

But I haven't got anywhere to process veggie oil.

Any ideas?

paul ss
25-08-08, 12:45
i was told the 2.5 has to have some work done to it before u can run veg oil .

theres not much options left to be honest veg oil from the cheapist suppliers is getting close to what the price of fuel is already and will continue to go up , its only oil after all .

you can make your own but seams you have no where to make it thats out the question

you can buy it but think post places are around a 1 a litre

only other things that work is red deisel run through cat litter but thats higly iligeal then heating oil but thats going to continue to go up aswell which i belive isnt alowed either .