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Clear out

T5 Aid
25-08-08, 18:45
Few pits and peaces I have and don’t need

Fiamma 70L water tank New Unused 30

Tail gate trim, No damage at all, needs a clean 5 SOLD TO REIMOBOY

A set of 6 Tie down Loops from my van with bolts. 5

Im going to vanfest and can take this stuff if anyone wants

T5 Aid
26-08-08, 13:36
Just Added Some Pics :ILU:

26-08-08, 13:38
I'll take the tailgate trim, pay you at Vanfest, that ok?


T5 Aid
26-08-08, 16:04
Ok ReimoBoy. I'll PM you my moby number. Im probably only gona be there on Saturday if thats ok.

26-08-08, 20:24
hi i'm interested in the fiamma water tank, is it designed to fit anywhere specific, or just wherever you decide to put it

26-08-08, 20:57
Can you post me the tie down loops please, PM me how much you require etc.

T5 Aid
28-08-08, 19:40
OK 1 Socket sold, 1 Still avaliable

28-08-08, 19:53
Il buy the two water tanks if that OK!

What would postage be like on those?


T5 Aid
28-08-08, 20:08

I just check on the net and I got a price of 8 for sending the two water bottle.

R u going to vanfest? if so i could take them.

31-08-08, 10:50
hey man, sorry for the slow reply!

Im not going to vanfest. PM sent though T:

31-08-08, 11:11
can i take the other socket pls

pm sent

31-08-08, 16:24
Payment sent for the socket

01-09-08, 20:49
16 payment sent for 2 water containers, name of Simon L T:

Received! Thanks very much T: