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Sliding rear windows - do we like them?

26-08-08, 17:26
I thought I did, liked the idea of being able to open them but now not sure about the framework poking out too much.

What do you think? Does the ability to open those babies up overturn their uglyness?

I have photoshopped a new black van I've picked up with fixed windows vs the existing sliders.... It's a bit rough but you get the idea.

If I knew how to post a poll I would!

26-08-08, 17:36
Fixed windows for me, never have liked the sliding window look

26-08-08, 17:40
Flat window for me no sliderT:

26-08-08, 18:25
I can spot a pattern already and think I agree...........

26-08-08, 18:25
I like both and that van looks well sweet T:

26-08-08, 18:26
i actually like the sliders better, it gives it the multi/camper look instead of the panel look,
but thats just my view!:ILU:

26-08-08, 18:27
forgot to say that the van looks awsome!!!:ILU::ILU:

26-08-08, 18:41
sliders for me i'm afraid. Rasp:

26-08-08, 18:43
If i did it again i would go for the Fixed / flat window with the slider on the inside like on a t5.


26-08-08, 18:44
Sliders provide a handy bit of ventilation when sleeping...
Not particularly secure tho.
They do let a few drops through when jetwashed too.

26-08-08, 19:23
Hmmm, getting more even.

I am personally favouring the fixed version but not sure if enough to actually change them.

And cheers for the comments, van not finished yet, it will look better! :D

26-08-08, 19:25
I'm thinking black to chrome window tint....... I'd love some pics if anyone has it.

26-08-08, 19:45
Sliders are fine and dont stick out when Andy from First glass fits them.

26-08-08, 19:56
The type you refer to must be a different style - these are fitted exactly how they should be.

26-08-08, 21:24
Sliders every time. the versitility of them is great specialy when stayin over night in the van, plus the puppy can get ventilation too..... '
Form follows function!' use over looks??? like that has ever bothered us or been a reason to do anything to vans!!!!!

not sure about chrome to black???? would need to see?!!!

van looks sweet:ILU::ILU::ILU:

team black all the way

26-08-08, 21:29
i got one on the pass side, absolutely love itA:A:A:A:

26-08-08, 22:01
Personally I like the flat fixed type.....

My mate bought a couple of sliders for his van he was modifying and said that fitting them to a panel van was an absolute nightmare. He said he had to crimp the 2 skins of the van together and even then they appeared to stick out a bit from the side of the van.

He's now been away with it all summer and realised it's leaking somewhere and is now thinking of getting 2 fixed bonded ones in.

Anyone else noticed a problem fitting sliding windows?


That van is ace by the way - alway's wanted a black one - really rare to see....


26-08-08, 22:20
i like our own sliders, but i have never liked the frame sliders, always reminded me of stickle-bricks stuck on the side, but im sure its personell preference

26-08-08, 22:40
i got solid windows and it gets f**king hot in the summer in the back --no where for the air to escape

26-08-08, 23:52
i got same sliders as you on both sides, but i would of preferd the newer slimmer framed ones(also bolt in), more openers means better for me with kids and a stereo(and smokers), as for feeling safe sleeping with them-they gotta be tougher than a tent....T:

27-08-08, 06:48
I prefer the sliding window for it's usefulness, I personally see no point in the solid one, It just lets in more heat on a sunny day!

A flush one that slides looks best, but my sticklebrick one is nearly 200 cheaper! (that Andy at firstglass fitted by removing bolts and bonding it in)

Chocy Rocky
27-08-08, 07:20
Fixed for me, but I don't like people in the back being able to open windows.......makes my hair a mess.

27-08-08, 12:00
Ditch it and put in a T5 style sliding one fron Vansport. :D

27-08-08, 18:40
Ditch it and put in a T5 style sliding one fron Vansport. :D

I don't think they look good on a T4 but that's just my opinion.... each to there own as they say...


27-08-08, 22:53
I've got sliding windows. The horrible rattly, not-full-size, leaky, stick-out type. THEY ARE ORRIBLE!

I'm going to try and get full size fixed bonded ones fitted later this year.

Sod ventilation for rear passengers, they can be quiet and thankful for getting to the destination at all. ;)

28-08-08, 00:47
I am personally favouring the fixed version but not sure if enough to actually change them.

Would 50 and a p/x of my fixed one help? I'll even give you a hand swapping them over.....

Van looks ace btw :D

Definitely prefer the look without but I am going to cook when the sun finally comes out!

28-08-08, 08:53
I have the older sliders and they are nice to slide open on occasion when its hot...

I think the single panel flush ones look excellent, especially when done on a black van like Jimbos as it looks like a metal panel.

Ive toyed with the idea of replacing mine for the flush ones, but now take the view that if they are already on the van there is no real gain in ditching them.

I dont, however like the T5 style small slider windows on a T4, looks wrong to me.