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MPG of a 2.5TDI

26-08-08, 19:51
As it says what would be the MPG of this engine?

26-08-08, 19:56
i get 35-37mpg

26-08-08, 19:57
Thanks for that.


Desp Dan
26-08-08, 19:59
Owt from 25mpg Local driving (2 miles to work from home) to 40mpg on a Run.

Averages about 33 to 36mpg for me T:

26-08-08, 20:10
to be honest mine doesnt go below 39 mpg !! :) which i am well pleased about in fact seems slightly better since i had the cambelt done 2 weeks ago as the diesel pump is normally retimed!! A:

26-08-08, 20:12
Same here, anywhere from 30 if I boot it round town to 40ish on a careful run.