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2 Hours well spent...

26-08-08, 20:10
Home from work and a bit of dinner then got going on a couple on jobs on the van;

New JVC head unit fitted c/w iPod connection and then fitting a 'lights on' alarm buzzer.

4 from Maplins and a bit of wiring - time and money well spent. Would have been quicker but spent ages sorting out the connection to earth the buzzer switch.

Isn't it great when you get these little jobs done with minimal fuss..........:D

26-08-08, 20:14
Job's a good'un! Decent sounds are essential.
How does the alarm wire in? Mines become a bit temperamental recently.

26-08-08, 20:40
Took a feed from the live of the side light to the posative of the buzzer. Then connected the nagative of the buzzer to the wire on the plunge switch on the drivers door, the one that operates the interior light when the door is opened.

When the lights are on and the drivers door is opened "BUZZZZZZZ"

happy daysA: