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Has anyone here surfed the bore?

26-08-08, 21:13
Just wondering if any of the surfers here have done the Severn bore?
Stories would be great.
I would love to give it a go but feel I need to get a bit fitter and better first.

26-08-08, 21:20
I've never surfed in my life would love to learn !.
I go and watch the bore whenever i can and those guys are nuts !!!!.
Its amazing how many people ride it.
You gotta see it T:

26-08-08, 22:16
how often does it happen\?

26-08-08, 22:32
Have surfed it a few times - an amazing experience. My longest ride was about a mile and a half before we were taken out by the wake of a boat that was gunning ahead of the wave - good enough he came back to collect us and dropped us ahead of the wave to catch it again through Overbridge! Sounds a lot until you hear that some of the locals sometimes clock rides in double figures, but they know the river like the back of their hands. The "official" record is 7.6 miles which is held by a guy called Steve King but I think that was standing all the way - the locals will prone out through the slow sections and pop up as the wave reforms so bigger mileages are possible.

One of the little known things about the bore is that if you get the timing right, you can surf it at several spots on the same tide, because as the river winds so much you can outrun it on the road.

Water quality is dodgy, getting in and out of the river is a bit of a mission and the current is unbelievable - you hear the wave before you see it and it's terrifying the first time - but as long as you're reasonably fit and confident in the water, you should be fine at most of the spots but I would STRONGLY recommend hooking up with some of the regulars who will generally be happy to show you the ropes (and maybe some of the "secret" spots too).

A few of them (Matt and Irene amongst others) used to post a lot on the SurfMagic website. There also used to be BoreRiders site run by a guy called Tom Wright who at one point surfed virtually every tide, but it seems to have shut down. The easiest place to catch the wave is Newnham, but there are spots all along the river as far as the weir at Maisemore - again you need some local knowledge to suss them out, particularly as some of them are accessed over private land.

I have to admit that I got the fear after snagging my leash on an underwater root - the water rises at an incredible rate - and have been wary ever since,but it's definitely one of those got to be done things if you're a surfer.

Go for it and give me a shout if you need any more info. Will try and dig out some photos if you're interested.



26-08-08, 22:37
Haven't surfed in over 10 years - think I'd be in for a few 'head plants' if I attempted it now!
Why do I have the urge to go and watch 'Big Wednesday' ?

26-08-08, 22:41
The bore happens a couple of times each month on the spring tides, but the size can vary according to the size of the tide and prevailing weather conditions - a big storm pushing up the Bristol Channel can boost the size and the amount of water coming downstream also has an effect.

The Environment Agency posts details on its website (but strongly advise not to surf it!). No really big ones forecast this year, but there's a two star end of this week (at night!).

By the way - the sizes quoted are the tide heights, not the size of the wave!



27-08-08, 08:41
nice one, 1.7 miles? That's awesome mate. I'm well fired up on this now. I checked the timetables last night and thought for a virgin bore attempt, night time was probably not the best idea. Besides the wait will give me time to get that bit fitter and build a board better suited.
I used to chat to a guy called Simon (Kudu??) on Swaylocks who was into the bore thing in a big way but he seems to have disappeared.
Do you fancy giving it another go next year? After your report of getting your leash snagged I think I'll build a board with the leash loop at the front of the board so that the leash isn't dragging.
Come one come all, its bore riding time...next year

27-08-08, 10:14
Anyone on here done it in a kayak???

27-08-08, 10:15
I'll think about it but fear I may have lost my bottle!

You need a big board with plenty of float. 9 foot minimum ideally more since you're surfing a mix of salt and fresh water which is not so buoyant. And expect to get it dinged getting in and out of the river. Took a chunk out of the rail last time I did it.

I actually snagged my leash when cllambering out. Scary stuff when the water is rising around you and you're caught up in the back wash and all the debris kicked up behind the bore. A quck release leash is essential.

27-08-08, 11:15
9ft eh? Looks like I'll have to get hold of a bigger blank, the biggest I have at the minute is 8 foot. I do have a big block of eps which I could cut a thicker (4") 8 ft by 23" blank from, reckon that would be bouyant enough? Single fin, flat rocker, very full nose and wide tail?
Whats the betting there'll be stand up paddle boarders out there soon?

Any more bore experiences out there???

27-08-08, 11:31
Anyone on here done it in a kayak???

Not yet but i would love to give it a go!!
I am into kayak surfing so the bore would be a great challenge!

27-08-08, 12:13
A colleague of mine goes there as much as he can.T:

He has "bored" me rotton with tales of his exploits and watching You Tube videos he is somewhere on.:confused: "that's me...... that's me" etc etc.

Search for Severn Bore, there are loads.

Like this......


28-08-08, 21:27
Dug out some photos - first couple are from a secret spot accessed via someone's back garden! Small that day but can apparenly get overhead. Other one is about half a mile into a ride on the "mile straight" just outside Gloucester later the same day. Small wave again, but gives you an idea.




28-08-08, 21:28
I'm the one just popping up and closest to the camera in the first two pics BTW.

29-08-08, 00:42
Too many cold hungover Sunday mornings.
I got a jet ski across my board
Spence lost his hat
Jared got ringworm after climbing out of the water in the outfall of an abourtair (can't spell, the place where they do intensive surgery on animals) next to the Severn Bore pub (surgery gone, pub still there, and a fine establishment it is, did us proud when the coked uo loonie in the pub down the road ruined my Nan's 95 birthday. rant over).
Kinda fun, but we are surrounded by better / cleaner waves

29-08-08, 11:08
Never mind the quality, feel the length!!!
Miles of smiles I reckon:):):):):):):):c:c:):):):eek::):):):):D:D:D

29-08-08, 11:11
Great pics sprocket jockey, looks a blast.:D
I've seen reference on other "Bore sites" to "spongers" any idea what one of these is? I was assuming maybe that it was a term for a body-boarder but never come accross this before.

29-08-08, 13:57
Yes - sponger is one of the more polite terms for body boarders ;). You can't actually see him, as he was too close to the bank but there was actually a guy riding a body board on the inside when the third pic was taken. He got plastered with mud and got an absolute battering from branches and other debris, but fair play to him he came out smiling.

29-08-08, 14:56
I think its gonna have to be done next spring......maybe an opportunity for a "T4 Does The Bore" meeting!!

29-08-08, 15:59
Haven't surfed in over 10 years - think I'd be in for a few 'head plants' if I attempted it now!
Why do I have the urge to go and watch 'Big Wednesday' ?

now thats a classic surf movie.:ILU:

29-08-08, 20:09
I think its gonna have to be done next spring......maybe an opportunity for a "T4 Does The Bore" meeting!!

Excellent, lets pick a date and an entry point/pub. :D
Get it on!T:

30-08-08, 08:21
Just looked at the 08 time table and it doesnt look like there are any more big swells (daytime) for the rest of the year. (Are the small ones worth the journey??)

Someone here: http://mhweather.co.uk/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1220005674 has worked out the 09 spring time table and it looks good like there are plenty of opportunities in Jan thro to April!!!

West Stabbo Customs
31-08-08, 17:31
I would love to do this A:T: I'm looking at a day at Anderby creek or Borth west wales in the next month or so T:

02-09-08, 07:37
If you do go over to Borth, any chance you could give us a shout a few days before I'll try to get there and join you. Never surfed Borth before, could do with some pointers, looks like there's loads of rocky outcrops to avoid. I could do with as much practice as possible before the bore.

02-09-08, 22:11
sorry to gate crash but am salivating at the prospect of surfing the bore....how do you know where to jump in though?

03-09-08, 07:41
If you want to get your juices flowing even more check out some of the vids on You Tube: http://uk.youtube.com/results?search_query=bore+surfing&search_type=&aq=f i cant stop watching them :) I wanna do it NOW!!

03-09-08, 10:02
Is it time to get a list of names of intrested parties and arrange a mutually convenient day when the bore's running? and maybe a pre bore meet so that previously initiated bore riders can tell scary stories of past experiences and terrify the rest of us Bore virgins.

Bring it on!!!

T4 Team-Bore anyone?

TDI Dave
03-09-08, 14:00
On another note how mad is this Tanker surfing !


03-09-08, 22:37
that's quality man!

04-09-08, 13:19
So far I make it
Sprocket Jockey? Come on you know you want to.
West stabbo customs
Any other takers???

West Stabbo Customs
04-09-08, 18:47
Theres a couple more from Dubliminal that would more than likely do it, anyone got a boat to bring back down river?

04-09-08, 22:10
No boat but as the wave travels up stream you could just let the river current take you and float back on your board. If your surfings anything like mine it shouldn't take long to get back to where you started. :(
Maybe if there's a few of us park vans etc at strategic points along the route and lift share to get back, or something, I'm sure something could be worked out. T: