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any1 built there own bed

26-08-08, 21:14
as the title says any pics of yr diy beds ?

27-08-08, 11:21
yep we have

27-08-08, 11:28
Sorry couldn't resist. I'm guessing you want clues, suggestions, ideas.

Ours is made out of 5mm ply, 10mm ply,2X1 batton, and 1" Ali angle.

Not the most enlightening pictures but the bed is made from 5mm ply with battons attached in an interlocking manner so when the seat base slides out you get a 6' long queen size double bed. the upstand is 1omm ply and it's all held together with the ali angle.

Cheap and no need for a welder.


27-08-08, 11:30
you need to feed the chap in the middle picLOL:

27-08-08, 11:47
This is what I did in my team yellow... works a treat & cheap as chips...

27-08-08, 19:36
This is what I did in my team yellow... works a treat & cheap as chips...

Nice work chaps T:

cheeky monkey,

Please can you tell me where you got that grey carpet type stuff from!
ive seen a few vans with it in now and it looks great and very durable. But I'm not sure where to buy some from as I want to line the back of the T4 with it.

it looks the same stuff as people use to cover Sub woofer boxes? but I could be way off target :D

the floating man
27-08-08, 19:54
Don't know where cheekymonkey got his carpet but I got mine from Mike at CMC. Looks like the same stuff, and yes it is great!T:

27-08-08, 19:59
This thin speaker box cloth is good stuff too... has just enough stretch in it to get round contoury bits :D

28-08-08, 08:21
hi veedubnut,

would you believe it it's carpet rights cheapest :) I had an old credit note from years ago where I cancelled an order & they wouldn't refund so thought I'd use it up doing the van.
It's really flexible foam backed so easy to fit & sticks well to metal or ply with spray glue.

i forget the exact cost but it was well cheap, i made up a few mats as well for the door area as that gets most use, well worthwhile really as this isn't the most durable carpet.


28-08-08, 09:57
duno if this may help

I built a box for storage, this can be any size and divided up to suit ur need and around the front and sides I built a sort of drawer that slides out from the box.
Not a brill pic but somat like this

I then cut 4 pieces of wood to make the seat section and joined them with piano hinge also including a flap on the two ends for access to the storage.
I fixed the seat part to the drawer and the rear section to the box so it sot of looked like this

All u do is pull the drawer part forward to make bed like this

not sure if this is what u were looking 4 but prob only costs 30ish to buy mdf and piano hinge from wicks ect. Speaker box covering materials cost quite a bit but it can allways be painted.

hope this helps dood

Mr Mega
28-08-08, 16:12
Heres mine,
Forward panel runs upand over rear panel and cushions on track on side of cupboards.

Matt T4
28-08-08, 18:40
Here's mine, made a Rock n Roll bed using JK hinges and 18mm Ply.

28-08-08, 19:44
Not pretty but only took a couple of hours & was cheep as chips